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    Sunday lunch in the Library was a disaster. I was entertaining my son, his wife and 13 year old son who live in France and my daughter who lives in Edinburgh. An mid-Victorian table had been reserved. It was correctly set though I noticed one dish of butter and one condiment set – there should have been two for a party of six. The water jug was devoid of ice and lemon slices. After a very long wait someone came to take our order. Four of us ordered mussels expecting freshly steamed Shetland specimens quart sized pans served with finger bowls and bowls for the shells. We were shocked when small covered pots of small specimens in an acidic gritty sauce; It was a poor imitation of Cape Cod chowder. I returned my bowl as inedible. – onions had not been properly sauteed.
    I shared the £104 bill with my son and noted that no goodwill credit was given for the inferior mussel dishes. // Your menu offers too much choice and is pretentious.//Vulgar decor degrades a beautiful listed building.

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